While Attorney's Briefcase, Inc. will attempt to ensure that all of the information and computations contained in MY LEGAL EDUCATION LOG™ ("the program") are accurate and reliable, it is the user's responsibility to be certain that he or she verifies the information contained within the program complies with the applicable State Bar of California requirements. It is the User's responsibility to review the Attorney's BriefCase courses listed in his or her account to verify that they are accurate. Any errors should be reported to Attorney's Briefcase, Inc. immediately. MY LEGAL EDUCATION LOG will list the Attorney's BriefCase courses in which its records show the User enrolled. It is the User's responsibility to ensure that the course was completed and that he or she signed into the course and remained until its completion. It is the User's responsibility to log all credits obtained from other legal providers. By using this program, the User agrees that Attorney's Briefcase, Inc. will not be liable for any errors within it or any losses, direct or consequential, resulting from any such errors.